Operations Optimization

Reinvigorate Your Call Center or Help Desk

For existing operations looking to improve efficiency and effectiveness, Black Turtle Services’ features Operations Optimizer (O2™). O2™ is a performance evaluation tool that has been tuned to contact center and large help desk operations. Working with O2™, our Six Sigma trained analysts go through a simple 4 step process: Gather, Analyze, Solution, and Prioritize.

O2™ 4 step process: Gather, Analyze, Solution, and Prioritize.


In the Gather phase, our analysts work with our clients and partners to ingest operational data on call type, call lengths, call outcomes, agents, agent tenure, supervisors, training classes, customer satisfaction and a variety of other variables to get it into the O2™ system as well as identifying gaps in data currently being collected.


The Solution phase matches the insight from the Analyze phase with the operational reality in the center being measured. Our team brings hypotheses to the table with the program’s operational team to make sure we are matching the realities of the day-to-day operation with proposed improvement initiatives.


The Analyze phase leans on the deep operations management experience of our analysis team who know where to look for common operations pitfalls. After looking through the common issues, the team looks for other anomalies in the data in an attempt to uncover other potential sources of operational improvement.


The Prioritize phase recognizes that while there may be many opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency the organization has only limited bandwidth to change at any given time.  Our phased implementation plan identifies a sequencing of improvement opportunities designed to align with organizational maturity while realizing the biggest potential improvements quickly.

The O2™ process typically takes about a 30-60 days. Timeframe allowances are made based on the state and availability of operational data at the outset of the program and the schedules of the operational team in the Solution phase. Results can vary widely depending on the current maturity and complexity of the operation. However, improvements to first call resolution, call quality and customer satisfaction can be immediate. Sustain improvement trends will provide reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction and employee retention.

O2™ Analysis and other areas of consulting focus:

  • Multi-channel Opportunity Analysis and Roadmap Development
  • Citizen/Stakeholder Service Design Analysis
  • Citizen/Stakeholder Service Business Process Analysis
  • Service Employee Training Program Gap Analysis and Roadmap
  • Quality Program Analysis
  • Outsourcing Vendor Selection
  • Technology Design and Vendor Selection