Contact Center Outsourcing

Black Turtle Services focuses all efforts with one end goal in mind – to help our clients maximize their stakeholder interaction opportunities whether those be with citizens, beneficiaries, veterans, military families or customers. We know how to develop the execution strategy, implement the right tools and drive results with the right people. We believe everyone has the right to a great customer experience and we help our clients deliver on that belief. We excel in the following areas:

  • People: Creating teams of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) and managers that are efficient, high value and the best fit for the client business and deliver results.
  • Execution: The demonstrated ability to scale operations (large or small) in a short period of time while minimizing impact to the quality of the customer service interaction.
  • Results: Our focus is on the desired outcome of the customer interaction – be it information dissemination, qualification, sales or issue resolution. Our goal is achieving First Call Resolution (FCR) while delivering the best customer experience.

Why We Are Successful? We are…


Black Turtle Services is dedicated to maximizing performance throughout its operations. We ensure all metrics are aligned throughout the organization to drive a single focus on the same core KPIs. Individual performance is measured so each of our CSRs, supervisors and operations managers are accountable for their performance. We aggregate and measure performance data across the operations to pinpoint trends. We praise the positive trends and where there is opportunity, we make adjustments to process, training, and other program-level variables to reduce handle times, repeat calls, and errors while increasing customer satisfaction.



Growth Focused

Black Turtle Services has developed an exclusive development curriculum designed to maximize performance at all levels of the organization. From agent “soft skills” to root cause analysis to Leadership training, we invest in employee development at all levels of the organization. It ensures that our teams are maximizing their talent and have the tools to contribute to our culture of continuous improvement.
People + Expertise + Results = Higher First Call Resolution and Customer Satisfaction

Outsourcing Services

  • Multi-Channel Contact Center Operations
    • Customer Self-Service and Contact Center Automation
    • Customized Reporting and Analytics / Business Intelligence / Dashboarding
    • IVR / ACD / Work Force Management
    • Inquiry Response – Phone and email
    • Web Chat
    • Written Correspondence
    • Social Media Services
    • Bilingual Capabilities Across Channels
  • Internal Help Desk (e.g., IT, HR) Start-up and Operations
  • Independent Quality Monitoring
  • Customer Service Business Process Analysis
  • Web Self-service Design, Delivery and Maintenance