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Omni Channel Strategy

Our Integrated Multi-Channel Strategy Model

Our Customer Experience Optimization (CEO) framework provides an effective approach for gathering data from multiple channels and analyzing it to deploy a focused set of actions that:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Lower the expense to revenue ratio

This model allows organizations to create a cohesive multi-channel program that aligns your organization with customer expectations and creates the ability to leverage customer interactions in concert with your corporate objectives.

Benefits of a Multi-Channel Strategy

Why is a multi-channel strategy critical to your success? Multi-channel:

  • Aligns your organization with your customer expectations
  • Focuses your attention on the design, implementation, and improvement of interactions, removing the channel silo mentality
  • Allows your company to budget and plan for the future – each channel has its reason to exist and an associated cost to serve

O2™ deconstructs each dimensions of a service operation and results in prioritized action plans that yield improvements in recruiting, training, process, and knowledge base completeness/correctness while pushing volume to lower cost channels and lower tiers of service where possible.