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About Us

Black Turtle Services is a women owned, small business exclusively focused on helping its clients maximize the benefits of contact centers to create great customer experiences.  BTS operates high-performing, multi-channel contact centers for government agencies and private enterprise.  BTS offers its clients advice and consultation regarding optimization of in-house contact centers through best practices, sophisticated analytics, and transition to cloud technology.  BTS focuses on delivering the highest achievable performance for contact centers based on:

  • Clearly defined strategies for stakeholder segments
  • Skilled workforce, including clearance levels and language diversity
  • Integrating cloud solutions with existing technologies
  • Solid management expertise in people, process and technology
  • Results achievement through quality measurements and exceeding KPIs
  • Effective budget management
  • Proven operational performance and best practices
  • Compliance (e.g., contractual, regulatory, service level, program goals)

Black Turtle applies a holistic approach to contact center development and enhancement.  We recognize the need to balance people, process and technology to reach the highest achievable performance within the inherent constraints of each client’s business.  We apply our broad industry experience and years of contact center management to help our clients achieve high returns on their contact center investments.


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Today’s savvy customers have great expectations. Contact centers must deliver “customer-centric” services that are convenient for the customer. Services must be built to satisfy the needs of specific stakeholder segments – e.g., consumers, business customers, professionals – being served. One size does not fit all. The Black Turtle management team assists its clients in creating and deploying service models that include channels like web portals, phone, mobile devices, web chat, and video and the CSR talent required to optimize those channels.


Getting the right talent into the right position is critical to contact center success. Black Turtle hires to meet our clients’ requirements based on the stakeholder segment they are serving. For example, we have hired agents with healthcare backgrounds, cleared agents or bilingual fluency based on specific program needs. Each employee, whether front line or management, must successfully complete Black Turtle’s proprietary contact center training program. In addition, Black Turtle trainers work with all of our teams to develop and implement program-specific training and certifications to ensure our agents have both the right knowledge to go with their skills.


Black Turtle has been commended for its best practices. Our processes have been adopted by other contact centers serving both federal and commercial stakeholders based on the excellent results we have produced. Black Turtle constantly reviews and refines operations to facilitate exceeding each program’s quality measures and key performance indicators (KPIs). Clients are kept informed through comprehensive reporting on compliance, quality, KPI achievement, and outcomes including recommendations for program improvements.